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  1. This module displays customised HikaShop Products with carousel and a custom linked banner. Best way to highlight a category with its few products and a beautiful banner.


    • Responsive design
    • Option to set maximum number of products to display.
    • Option to set number of columns/products to show per column on Large and small desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
    • Show products from all HikaShop categories or from one or more categories.
    • Show products from all HikaShop brands or from one or more selected brands.
    • Show only your own selected products.

    • Display products synchronised by currently viewing category when possible.

    • Show products ordered by Random, Most recent, Top sales, Availability date, Rating scores, Votes, Hits.
    • Options to show only Sale price or Base price and sales price when discount applied to the product.
    • Option to show/hide Add to cart button.

    • Options to set products background color, border color, text align, margin, padding, box-shadow etc.

    • Option to Turn on/off Autoplay and Autoplay speed.
    • Option to choose Navigation type, Dots or Nav.

    • Options to add an image, image ALT text, link on the image, title, short description.

    • Options to add a link like Read more, view all etc.
  2. EB Instagram Stream is the best Joomla Instagram module to display Instagram feed OR create an Instagram Gallery directly from your Instagram account. You can also create an Instagram carousel slider as it comes up with pre-built Feed Style, Grid Gallery, Flip Gallery, Carousel Slider.


    Compatible with Joomla 3.x.x and 4 Alpha
    Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers
    Connects directly with your Instagram account using an access token
    Configurable number of Instagram posts to be displayed
    Pre-built Instagram Feed Style
    Pre-built Instagram flip Style grid
    Pre-built Instagram Carousel Slider
    Pre-built Instagram GRID Gallery with an option to display Square OR Circle photos.

  3. The Bing Maps Field enables you to add a Bing Maps Custom Field to any Joomla Component that supports the Fields Component.

  4. The Twitter Field enables you to add a Twitter Custom Field to any Joomla Component that supports the Fields Component.

  5. The Vimeo Field enables you to add a Vimeo Custom Field to any Joomla Component that supports the Fields Component.

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